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Four Tips for Success in Divorce Proceedings

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Firm News |

When entering into the process of divorce, the sheer volume of considerations can sometimes be overwhelming. The uncertainty of the future can seem even more daunting when life as you know it is changing so drastically. All the variables may not be within your control, but these divorce tips can help ensure a measure of protection against the worst life may have to offer after a divorce.

  1. Be informed.    Educate yourself regarding the family income, debts, assets and financial circumstances, collecting documentary evidence wherever possible.  Obtain copies of pay stubs, income tax returns, financial institution statements, bills, investment, retirement and benefit statements, and the like. If such materials are not available to you directly, they can be accessed through the Court process of discovery.
  2. Assess your priorities.    After taking account of the needs of yourself, spouse and any children of the family, whether financial, physical and/or emotional, and the resources available to address those needs, determine if there are sufficient resources to meet all those needs, and if not, whether there are alternatives to expanding the extent of those resources (for example, additional income potential, more cost effective debt management, etc.). If compromises are necessary, as is often the case when one household becomes two, prioritizing the most important considerations will often provide a road map to an equitable resolution of matters which seem otherwise impossible.
  3. Be optimistic, but realistic.    Keeping an open mind to the potential for success, rather than being weighed down with feelings of loss, anger or resentment, can provide the foundation for healthy future relationships and opportunities for growth. Change is inevitable with divorce; however setting new goals and planning to reach those goals require parties to engage in a thoughtful review of their current circumstances with an eye towards fulfilling unmet needs. Such constructive introspection and exploration of available paths towards making goals a reality can be the first step towards achievement of happiness and prosperity.
  4. Consult with an experienced attorney.    While you may be an authority on whatever expertise you have acquired, chances are, navigating the complexities of law, legal jargon and procedure may not be part of your skill set. Just as hiring a IT expert to address matters for the technologically challenged, or an air conditioner repair person for the mechanically challenged, often provides a better result than do-it-yourself endeavors, an experienced divorce attorney can provide knowledgeable insight into not only your legal rights and responsibilities, but effective methods to meet your objectives as well.

While not all-inclusive, the above divorce tips can be instrumental in optimizing success in a divorce proceeding. For additional information, contact our office in Lombard or Plainfield for a free consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.